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The two dated from rougy 2008-2010, during which they gifted the world with some of the most wonderfully gratuitous outfits and appearances the world has ever witnessed.

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Sometime after Kanye and Amber split in 2010, Kanye found his way to Kim Kardashian, and Amber found her way to Wiz Kaifa, thus establishing the structure of the world as we now know it.

What <strong>famous</strong> <strong>singer</strong> did Steve Jobs date for 3 years? Steve Jobs.

What famous singer did Steve Jobs date for 3 years? Steve Jobs.

They ended their common-law marriage in 1999, but they do have four (very rich) children together.

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After almost seven years together, not even a kiss from a rose could save the supermodel and singer's marriage. The couple have three children together, and they're probably going to grow up to be ridiculously good-looking.

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